Wild Thimbleberry Jam

Thimbleberries are a rare, bright red raspberry-like fruit found in only a select few places in the world. One of these places is the Keweenaw. Our family has been picking wild thimbleberries from the woods surrounding our backyard for over ten years. We decided to share our love for thimbleberry jam with the world and began selling our Wild Thimbleberry Jam in 2018. Our jam is made with only three ingredients, ensuring that you savor the unique flavor of hand-picked, wild thimbleberries with each sumptuous bite. Our jam can be enjoyed on toast, in yogurt, or even on cakes (a favorite of the kids).

Price: $10.00
Please note that at this time we only process mail in checks for online sales.

Ingredients: Wild Thimbleberries, White Sugar, Lemon Juice
Made in a home kitchen that has not been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

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