Pure Maple Syrup

Our pure maple syrup is tapped from trees that have been in our family for 5 generations. Our trees are tapped in sustainable, environmentally conscious ways that enable us to harvest our trees for many years without damaging them. The resulting maple syrup comes in three grades: light, amber, and dark. Our light maple syrup has a golden color and a more delicate taste. Our amber maple syrup has a light amber color and a rich, full bodied taste. Our dark maple syrup has a dark amber color and a stronger and more robust taste. Whichever choice you make, our syrup is sure to become a staple at your breakfast table and a favorite of any who visit it.

Price: $10.00
Please note that at this time we only process mail in checks for online sales.

Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup
Processed in a facility not inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

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